Marcus Freeman

Art, design, branding, and photography have been the core of my life's journey. Whether crafting websites, typefaces, magazines, architectural wonders, or expressing myself through art, I find a profound sense of authenticity and alignment in this creative space.

With over three decades of experience in the design industry, I've been witness to countless shifts in the convergence of art and science. Early in my career, I had the privilege of collaborating with Steve Jobs at Apple, contributing to the creation of the pioneering TrueType fonts and over 10,000 vector-based clip art images that fueled the desktop publishing revolution.

LOUIS canvas

In recent years, my focus has shifted towards the captivating realm of abstract art and its tangible presence in the physical world. I'm drawn to its potential to elevate spaces and serve as a valuable investment.

My inspiration stems from witnessing the extraordinary works of artists like Gerhard Richter, particularly his cage paintings, experiencing the energy of Jackson Pollock's art in New York, and admiring the innovation of Damien Hirst in Paris. These experiences fueled my determination to pursue my passion.

In my own work, I blend techniques inspired by Pollock, Richter, and Hirst, infusing them with my unique perspective. Utilizing the finest quality oil on linen, I specialize in creating large-scale canvases rich in depth and texture.

ONE Canvas
Gold Pollock Canvas

Based in Paris, my studio serves clients from across the globe. If you seek distinctive, extra-large abstract artwork that resonates with uniqueness and sophistication, I invite you to explore my portfolio.

Thank you for visiting my site, and I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you soon.

Kindest regards,

Marcus Freeman
+33 611 717 449
32 Boulevard Saint Germain Paris 7500 France