Marcus Freeman
My entire life has centred around art, design, branding & photography.
Whether it is designing websites, typefaces, magazines, architecture or my art, I feel authentic and true to myself in this space.  
I have been working in the design world for over 30 years and been involved in so many changes in the way art + science has evolved.
Early in my career, I was fortunate to work with Steve Jobs at Apple, and helped create the first TrueType fonts and over 10,000 vector based clip art images for the desktop publishing revolution.

In recent years, my focus has been on abstract art and the way it presents in the physical world...both to enhance a room and as an investment. I love how art can transform a space.

LOUIS canvas
Seeing amazing works by the likes of Gerhard Richter, (in particular the cage paintings), Jackson Pollock in New York and Damien Hirst in Paris inspired me to follow my passion.
I incorporate techniques originated from Pollock, Richter and Hirst, plus add my own perspective to offer a unique blend. I use the highest quality oil on linen and create large scale canvases.
If you are looking for extra large abstract artwork that is unique and rich in depth and texture should consider my work.

ONE Canvas
Gold Pollock Canvas

My studio is based in Paris, however I have clients all over the world. 
Thanks for visiting my site and hope to see you soon.
Kindest regards,

Marcus Freeman
+33 611 717 449
32 Boulevard Saint Germain Paris 7500 France